For the band’s first EP, this album is extremely impressive. It communicates to audiences through its passion and obvious love for music. For anybody searching for something different and unique in an era that tends to lack originality, Katie Laine (now Katie & The Wildfire) is the first place to look. ”

— Album Review, Jess Jack, Gateway Press

(Now Katie & The Wildfire) Katie Laine’s debut EP, The Sea & the Soil, comes in chill waves of indie, folk and reggae that intersect with her flowing, organic vocals.  ”

— Lane Bertholet, The View Weekly

Katie Laine (now Katie & The Wildfire) creates a quirky tropical blend of folk, reggae, and soul. The band shows their authenticity through their use of multiple instruments. Electric guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, and trumpet are all used to create their versatile sound. 19-year-old Katie Anderson, bandleader and vocalist, provides commanding direction with a mature tone that’s well beyond her years. ”

— Sam Podgurny, The Gateway